Wikileaks confirms the treachery of the Ummah’s Rulers

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The recent wikileaks releases have sent shock waves around the world exposing the views of western diplomats regarding foreign governments and individuals. Causing a mixture of embarrassment and political incidents, the leaks have left the American government scrambling around the world to maintain damage control. In addition to America’s humiliation, the leaks have given the world a better understanding of western views of other heads of state, as well as confirmation of the true nature of the Muslim rulers.

The leaked documents give candid accounts of meetings with many leaders, exposing their real concerns and views. A number of documents focus on the deep concern towards Iran, where many Arab nations repeatedly raised concerns over Iran. King Abdullah claimed Iran was meddling in ‘Arab matters’ and called the state liars. Abu Dhabi’s crown prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan also suggested that the US should send in ground forces if air strikes were not enough to “take out” Iranian nuclear targets. Egypt’s intelligence chief general Omar Suleiman called Iran “a significant threat to Egypt….supporting jihad and spoiling peace,” furthermore Hosni Mubarak told a US congressman, “Iran is always stirring trouble”. These statements amongst many others actually encourage military action against the Ummah.

These accounts show the intimate relationship between the US and the Muslim rulers, where these leaders are raising their fears hoping the US will help them. The appreciation and care shown to the US is remarkable. In a discussion with the US, Saudi King Abdullah said, “We (the U.S. and Saudi Arabia) spilled blood together” in Kuwait and Iraq, the King continued, and Saudi Arabia valued this tremendously. Friendship can be a difficult issue that requires work, Abdullah said, but the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have done it for 70 years over three generations. “Our disagreements don’t cut to the bone,” he stated. Zardari showed similar appreciation for US help during the Pakistani elections stating, “We are here because of you.”

However the most staggering example of this relationship was from Yemen’s president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who assured the US that missile strikes conducted in his own country by the US in Yemen would be claimed as a Yemeni army assault, and he would “continue saying the bomb are ours, not yours.” One of the leaked cables showed in one attack 41 local residents, including 14 women, 21 children and 14 other Muslims were killed. General Petraeus on the same issue but in another cable is recorded as saying that the attack had caused the deaths of “only” three “civilians”.

Whilst the Muslim rulers continue their relationship of subservience to the West the US views the world only in terms of its national interests. As captured in the leaks Turkey has been used to negotiate with Iran regarding their nuclear ambitions and was even reprimanded by the US when they weren’t dealing with Iran adequately. The cables show that US diplomats have grave doubts about Turkey’s dependability, quoting one high-ranking government adviser as saying that Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu would use his Islamist influence on Erdogan, describing him as “exceptionally dangerous.” Regardless of how much help Recep Erdogan has given the US over years with Iran, Israel, Iraq and Gaza, the AKP’s commitment continues to be questioned.

A number of the leaked cables show pure condescension of the Muslim rulers. Chief of the Defence Staff Jock Stirrup stated that although Zardari has “made helpful political noises, he’s clearly a numbskull.”, furthermore Permanent Under-Secretary for Security Affairs Peter Ricketts characterized Zardari as having “not much sense of how to govern a country…I fear he talks and talks but not much happens.” This is not the first time the US has backed a less than desirable leader as an ally since their objective is not to promote a leader who will bring his people progress but one who would be an active accomplice in their global plans.

The wikileaks cables have only come to confirm the widely held belief that our rulers are exceptionally inept in their role. The cables prove that in addition to merely being concerned about building palaces and holding on to power, they are also delusional, seeing their role in the US grand schemes as indispensible and privileged. The cables show the world that our leaders are quick to give help to the west in order to gain some crumbs, happy to sell their own people to achieve western aims.

The leaked cables show us that the US is only concerned with the pursuit of its interests in the world and an ally is seen merely as an aid to attain these interests. These leaders leave our Ummah vulnerable to the interests of the west, happy to accommodate them where the only vision is to please their colonial master.

To gain protection from the colonialist wolf and progress as an ummah it’s time we had the vision for the true Islamic ruler as seen in Khaleefah’s of the past who followed in the way of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم.

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